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Media Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 7th, 2016.

Media release and parade application form attached

“Christmas at The Movies”
WHAT: 2016 Peterborough Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade
WHEN: Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 @ 4:45pm
WHERE: City Hall on George St ends on Prince St
WHO: The Kinsmen Club of Peterborough invites one and all!
The Kinsmen Club of Peterborough is proud to announce the 43rd annual Peterborough Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade. The 2016 Santa Claus Parade will take place on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 and will begin at 4:45pm leaving from City Hall proceeding south on George St to Prince St. The theme this year is “Christmas at The Movies” celebrating the holiday season and hoping to light up George St with some Hollywood movie magic! There are already several entries including local dignitaries, bands and many floats. There will also be a Kinsmen Club of Peterborough appreciation night following the parade at the Petes game slated for 7pm. Please enjoy the parade and head to the Memorial Centre for an exciting OHL match-up as your Petes host the Guelph Storm.
Parade application forms available online at

Kinsmen Club of Peterborough donates $5000 to the New Canadians Centre


The PC Cooking School and the New Canadians Centre hosted a night of fun Thursday with newly arrived Syrian refugees cooking and sharing traditional Syrian dishes at the school located in the Real Canadian Superstore.

Cooking School co-ordinator Elaine McCarth welcomed two families from Syria into the kitchen as they prepared a traditional Syrian flatbreads Zaatar Manakeesh. Approximately 30 people were in attendance to enjoy the food.

Also during the evening the Kinsmen Club of Peterborough presented a cheque to the New Canadians Centre for $5,000. The donation is a result of the Kinsmen’s Club’s firework sales which take place from the May 24 weekend to Labour Day.

Club president Justin Ledoux  said the club decided in early April to donate the funds to the New Canadians Centre Peterborough Welcome Fund in an effort to help as many Syrian families as possible. ‘Our mission is to serve the community’s greatest needs,’ says Ledoux. ‘It’s so important our Club continues to evolve and serve the changing needs of our community and helping these newcomer families was an opportunity to do so.’

Barry Craft of the Kinsmen Club and New Canadians Centre executive director Hajni Hos took part in the cheque presentation.

Beautyrest: High Qualities Mattress Brand Which Will Help You Have A Comfortable Sleep


Have you ever gone to bed and felt like waking up and leaving your bed in the middle of the night? This is a common problem especially if you are not using the Beautyrest mattress. Anyway, this should not disturb you anymore because you have come to the right place where you will have what you need. Don’t go back to that horrible mattress anymore, throw it away and replace it with a BestMattress4you of your choice.

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The Brand history

One of the reasons I am recommending these mattresses for you is because they have been in use since early 1990. They are one of the oldest mattresses in the industry. But don’t mistake the mattress as being stuck in the past. Actually through innovations, uses of advanced technology and materials that are very comfortable, the mattresses have been produced in a way that will enable you to have a comfortable night sleep.

Beautyrest Mattresses features

What makes these mattresses the best in the market? Through innovations, these mattresses have been improved to ensure comfort for you in your sleep. These features that have placed Beautyrest mattresses at the top of the pack are:

The Smart response Pocketed Coil technology

You are wondering how a mattress can be made using coils? Come on, we are talking about technological innovations. Beautyrest Company has gone an extra mile in ensuring durability and comfortability of your sleep. The coils are made from steel and are triple-wrapped to ensure enhanced motion separation, pressure relief, and back support as you turn in your bed at night.

Memory Foam

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The best Beautyrest mattress Collections Available

Almost every mattress that this company produces is a top notch product. Anyway, for clarity purposes, if you didn’t have an idea, these are the leading Beautyrest mattresses in the market today:

The Beauty rest Black – Sonya TM Luxury firm pillow top

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