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Choosing the Best Rolling Backpacks

Rolling backpacks have become more and more popular among college students and adults. This can be proven by the various backpacks available in the market.

Factors to consider when purchasing a rolling backpack

1.    Size:

Your backpack should be sizeable enough to carry all maximum your luggage comfortably. You should check the maximum weight a backpack can carry before buying it.

2.    Sturdy and Sizeable Handles.

The top and side handles should also be strong enough to avoid breaking when pulling. Additionally, the top handle should be long enough to avoid stooping or hitting the back of your legs.

3.    Sturdy and Smooth Rolling Wheels.

The wheels too are an important aspect of the rolling backpack that you cannot afford to ignore. Wheels that jam or break easily can be a cause of major inconvenience. Therefore, the wheels should be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of any load to be carried in the backpack. They should also be able to roll freely without jamming. The size of the wheels is also important. The bigger the wheel, the easier it is pulling the backpack o uneven terrain.

4.    Fabrics: Dust Resistant and Water Proof material.

Rolling backpacks need fabric that can be cleaned with little effort and does not tear easily. Synthetic fabrics are the best since they are durable are also waterproof.

Synthetic materials such as polyester boost durability of a backpack because of its ability to resist wear and tear. The backpack material should also be waterproof to keep off water especially when you are caught up in the rain. It is also important investing in a backpack cover to keep the backpack dry and shield it from foreign elements.

5.    Style:

The best rolling backpacks are suitable for arranging different items. A backpack with lots of sections and padding to can protect your gear is great. Most backpacks come with front pockets for putting items such as keys, pens or phone. Also, find a backpack with a double zipper. They are handy for accessing your backpack from any angle and being able to lock your backpack.

6.    Zippers

The zippers should be sturdy, slide freely and lockable for security purpose. The loading and offloading points of the backpack should be easy to access and arrangement of your stuff. You can choose between front loading and top loading Rolling Backpacks.

7.    Choose darker Colors

It is obvious that a Rolling Backpack will be close to the ground during rolling. It is therefore bound to become dirty and stained more easily. Darker colors can conceal the stains and help retain the appearance more than lighter colors.

8.    Convertible Backpacks plus Shoulder and Waist Straps

Convertible Backpacks mean that they can be carried on the back. Not at all times will you need to pull to a Rolling Backpack. For example, when going up or downstairs. You will be required to carry it on your back. This means that the backpack needs to have two wide and padded straps, for evenly distributing weight to the body and avoiding straining your shoulders respectively. Another additional feature should be a waist strap to improve stability and comfort when carrying it on your back.

Advantages of rolling backpacks

So what are the benefits of using backpacks with wheels over of a regular backpack?

It's tough and sturdy

Rolling backpacks are usually tough and sturdy as compared to the regular one. What this means is that, it can last longer and hence are more durable. Other than the durability. this type of backpacks offers more